Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 3: Sailing the Celebes Sea with Silversea


Day 3 on Silversea’s Silver Spirit

Day at Sea, Bali to Manila via Sabah

5 pm

Favorite activities: Attending a talk called “Around the World with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons” at 10 am followed by a talk on detox at the gym at 11 am.

Update at 11 PM: Just saw the best show I've ever seen yet on any Silversea ship. Lorraine Brown, a black singer from the UK, sang a wonderful medley of oldies that were, frankly, too old for me. But I nevertheless enjoyed her voice and her selection of songs.

What’s on my iPod today: Do It For Love by Hall & Oates. It’s been on my iPod for ages, but it’s only yesterday I heard it. I can’t stop playing it! This morning I sat out in my verandah with my Mac on my lap, my feet on the table and the iPod speakers in my direction, with this song playing over and over. Yes, over and over. At this rate, I’m probably going to get tired of it soon, though.

What's on my nighttable: The Economist, back issues.

Memorable meals: I just loved having breakfast on my verandah today. I also enjoyed the Galley lunch with Melvyn of Silversea Singapore. The Galley lunch, which is usually held during the Day at Sea (which is the day the ship doesn’t dock anywhere) of the ship, is really fun. The ship kitchens are opened to cruisers and we all go in to get our food off the kitchen galleys themselves.

What’s in my fridge: Champagne, sparkling water, and carrot-and-apple juice.

What I’m wearing: A printed blue dress by Marc Jacobs.

What I’m doing from now: Heading to the steam room and then it’s my regular one-hour walk on the deck at sunset. I wish I could stay on this boat forever.

Photo from our one-for-the-road
at midnight last night

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