Monday, March 7, 2011

7 days of the Juju Juice Detox

This post is long overdue because everyday is filled with too many things to write about. But I thought I'd share with you my overall experience after doing a seven-day Juju juice detox. This really started out as a whim, frankly, because one day I just felt like I needed to do something for myself; and the Juju juice detox was a very convenient option. It was no fuss and it promised good health, so it was a positive move in the right direction.

It also helped that Kat and her partners at Juju are super-friendly and supportive. I've written about my first detox with them a few weeks back but let me recount it here very quickly again. I met them one weekend in early February at Mercato Centrale and the next day I had my first batch of juices by delivery for a two-day detox. We all know why it's good to detox so I won't go into the benefits anymore here except to say that detoxing is essential to recharging one's energies and slowing down the aging process.


Let me just talk about the experience of detoxing itself. I go to health spas quite a lot -- especially before a travel magazine came into the picture, I was probably at some exotic spa every three or four months -- so I've had lots of opportunities to do juice detoxes in the past but I've never had the courage to actually refuse food and subsist purely on liquids for a few days. It seemed impossible to do, especially for someone like me who really loves very good food. In those days, too, I was reviewing fancy restaurants all over the world for a magazine so you can imagine just how closely interconnected I was with the food experience.

But this time I decided to give it a try and I was really surprised that my two-day juice detox was quite painless. I didn't really miss food -- and, here, I think it helped that I was really so busy (we were planning Travelife India Night, and also going through negotiations for Travelife Italy Night and our other fantastic projects coming up soon...) that I actually didn't have time to think of food outside of dinners already planned in advance. I honestly can't recall ever being unbearably hungry in those two days.

The results of my two-day detox were pretty good as well. I didn't lose weight (unfortunately!) but lots of people commented on my glowing skin and a different vibe. I wonder if that's because I was just particularly happy that week? I'm sure my Juju juice detox had something to do with it as well. I felt lighter and healthier, and it also encouraged me to think more sensibly about my food even after the detox. To this day, I feel I'm eating better and I've almost lost my craving for sweets entirely.


About one week later, I decided to go on the seven-day Juju Juice detox. This was slightly harder, but simply because my schedule was so full of lunches and dinners, so it was a major challenge to avoid eating when I had a very full schedule that revolved precisely around that. I remember eating tiny morsels of a Chinese lauriat arranged by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and doing spoonfuls of different dishes at cocktail parties throughout the week. My resolve only broke down twice, as far as I can remember, and they were both at lunches with friends -- and it wasn't the food, itself, that weakened my defenses but the fact that I was having so much fun with friends. How can you not eat when you're with good friends?


When you go out almost every night of the year, as I do, it really stops being about the food and more about the people you spend time with and the memorable things you share. Food becomes secondary -- I could be eating anywhere, actually, as long as I'm with someone I want to be with. With the exception of very good meals, of course -- like the intimate Chateau Beychevelle dinner organized by the Commanderie de Bordeaux Philippines chapter soon in time for the visit of a managing director from Chateau Beychevelle in France. I'm certainly putting off any detox or caloric concerns for that. Tenderloin with truffle jus prepared by Tippi Tambunting will be paired with a Chateau Beychevelle 2005 while we'll have the Chateau de Beychevelle 2001 with slices of Livarot. More on that after the dinner.

Photo of the Peninsula Manila staff
right before the Chaine dinner began two years ago,
next to that amazing long table
in the grand ballroom.

I'd also have happily thrown any concerns to the wind for the formal Chaine des Rotisseurs dinner organized by the Peninsula Manila next week, especially as it's the last one to be overseen by my good friend Jonathan, who's heading for New York soon. They'd last organized a Chaine dinner at the Pen two years ago and it was truly amazing. They draped the ballroom entirely in white and had one very long table for the 40+ guests. The food was spectacular, Bo Cerrudo serenaded the audience, and the ratio of staff to guests was something like 3 waiters per guest. The Chaine dinner is next week and I'd planned to go, but now it seems like I'll be sailing out of Bali towards Sabah on that evening instead. I'm sure it will be an outstanding event on March 14 and I'm really so sorry to have to miss it this year.

Photo of the Peninsula Manila staff
right before the Chaine dinner began two years ago,
next to that amazing long table
in the grand ballroom.


Back to my detox. I felt really good, physically and emotionally. And I was truly surprised at not being more hungry because one week is a very long time to go without solids. It also cleared my mind in a way I'd never experienced before. I think I've written this somewhere on this blog already, but it's quite amazing how clearly you can think when your energies are not being diverted to digestion.

So, yes, Kat and I have just had a quick text conversation; and I do plan to go on the Juju juice detox on a regular basis to cleanse my system. In fact, I was earlier looking at my calendar to try and see when I could fit my next detox in -- but it looks like I'll be on a plane (or a ship, such as next week) practically every week for the next four months. Just another busy period in our neverending Travelife.


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