Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winners and losers

So there I was tonight at the Peninsula Manila's Salon de Ning for a party and some really great music, when my Blackberry pinged and a message from J halfway across the world, appeared on my screen: "I see you blogged about our latest BBM (Blackberry Messenger) exchange. Are you always saying you win?" There was a smiley face next to his message, so obviously he wasn't too upset.

He's quite fun to tease, so unless I'm in a serious meeting or some formal dinner, I usually shoot back a reply to his texts very quickly. In this sense, tonight at SDN was more conducive than usual for a text conversation. SDN was crowded and noisy, and it was just a little more pleasant to converse with J by text across the Pacific Ocean than to shout sentences at people around me and to only hear half of what they were saying back. I must have been quite focused on my phone because several people actually asked me what I was doing.


Unfortunately, making J "win" in my blog isn't as easy as J himself imagines or wishes. But the formula is pretty straightforward. "You've actually got to text me something witty if you want to "win" in my blog," I explained. "I can't really make stuff up. But when you finally upstage my texts, I'll make you sound wittier in the blog."

Then I added: "In the meantime, at least I'm making you sound like an ok guy who's pretty nice but who can't count his sunsets -- and who is just a little slow on BBM."

He hasn't sent me that witty text yet, but I imagine he's thinking pretty hard about it now as he never replied back. "I'm going to be J of unreliable texts pretty soon (instead of J of a thousand texts - which is what I used to call him) since I'm going somewhere with unreliable service," he told me. "But I'll surprise you every now and then, when there's BBM service..."

And while I'm patiently waiting to be bowled over by words, we've got Travelife India Night at the Dusit Thani Manila this Friday. This truly special event is a genuine labor of love from us at Travelife Magazine, the Philippines' leading travel and lifestyle publication, and from our hardworking partners at the Dusit Thani Manila and the Embassy of India. As with all Travelife projects, we've done time on all the minute details and made sure that this will be one spectacular event simply because we don't do ordinary. And we've put together a truly wonderful dinner and series of performances that highlight the best of Indian culture -- and all for the price of an average hotel buffet dinner, if not less.


So far, over 230 people have confirmed attendance -- which is quite a feat considering we initially planned this as a cultural evening for 50 persons at the most. The response to this Travelife event has been simply overwhelming, and I personally believe this is mainly because our dear readers and friends can feel the sincerity with which we planned this project and our sincerity in trying to bring the amazing experience of travel within the reach of more people. Travelife is not just any travel magazine, and this is most definitely not just another event to promote it.

And if J were in Manila and attending Travelife India Night, I'm sure even he would have found something wonderful, and perhaps even witty, to say by text about this event. Then he would've come out a winner in this blog.

And, yes, he probably would've texted me even if he was just across the ballroom. Some habits are just impossible to break.


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