Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Tale of a Dozen Sunsets

"Are you free for dinner on Tuesday? And when I get back from my trip, are you free when the sun sets everyday?"

This was the text I got from J yesterday, who's off again to somewhere exotic pretty soon. He's forever traveling and, when he isn't, I am. So the odds of actually meeting up are slight indeed, in spite of his good intentions to book a couple of dozen days in my schedule in advance. But tomorrow night, we're meeting up for some much touted special Japanese beef, sliced off a cow with impeccable pedigree who reportedly never experienced a day of stress in his or her life. That's an entire story in itself as he and I have been discussing the details of this dinner all week. "I hope Tuesday's dinner will be the highlight of your week," he told me. We'll see. I'll write about it tomorrow.

Our never-ending Travelife

Back to my sunset text message. Over the weekend, J and I were trying to decide when to have a meal together again after our Japanese dinner tomorrow night, and amidst our respective and never-ending, busy Travelife. In the context of Valentine's Day today, however, his text above has got to be one of the most romantic text messages in my memory. Unfortunately, he was just being funny as he's forever trying to make me laugh (and oftentimes he's quite successful at it, too). But I don't think he really meant it as we were just exchanging inane texts all day -- and this text about sunsets came at the height of it all, via a succession of rapid back-and-forth messaging accompanied by lots of laughter.

However, if we do meet up for at least a dozen sunsets somewhere in the world, these would be my top picks for the best or most romantic sunsets on our planet. I'm sharing my favorites with everyone in the spirit of this day of hearts.

Sunset over Santorini, Greece
A truly magical island
with an equally magical sunset.

Sunset over the Taj Mahal in India
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Sunset over Istanbul
One of our favorite cities in the world.
We love watching the sunset
while sailing out of the Old Town area.
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Sunset over Manila Bay
Self-explanatory, we suppose?

Sunset while on safari in
Serengeti, Tanzania
We'd love to see this blazing red sunset
across Tanzania's marvelous golden plains.

Sunset on Palmyra, Syria
Syria is on top of our bucket list --
we would love to see Palmyra at sunset this year.
Fingers crossed for that.

Sunset from Giza, Egypt
It's not advisable to visit Egypt right now.
But once the air is cleared,
we hope we're on a plane soon
for this historic and amazing sunset viewing place.

Sunset from the Big Island, Hawaii
The Big Island is one of our favorite islands -
and we go too rarely to appreciate its sunsets!
A few years ago, though,
we took a house right by the beach
with a lovely terrace that opened up to views like this.

Sunset over Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
We visited Sun Moon Lake in September 2010
and we fell in love with it.
We were in Taipei and ready to
check out of our hotel to return to Manila,
when our guide persuaded us to cancel our return flight
and go visit Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan.
Talk about a last-minute decision!
We were so glad we did.

Sunset over Lago di Como, Italy
This sunset hardly ever makes it
to the list of the world's best sunsets --
maybe because everything around
it is simply spectacular,
so the sunset gets drowned out
by the beauty of the lake.
But we don't care. As far as we're concerned,
Lake Como is among the
most romantic places in the world
-- and you don't need a beautiful sunset for extra backdrop.
We'd return here in a heartbeat.

Sunset from the shores of Nova Scotia
Just because Nova Scotia seems so far and interesting
from our own reality.

Sunset in St. Petersburg, Russia
We love Russian history and culture,
and find St. Peterburg endlessly fascinating.
The last time we were there, we spent too little time
visiting the Hermitage Museum
and missed out on the house where
young Russian aristocrats attempted
to murder Rasputin.
We would love to walk around here more at leisure again
- and, yes, to see a St. Petersburg sunset!

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