Monday, February 21, 2011

Jazz Night and Goodbyes at Salon de Ning

Last night at 10 PM, after a Juju juice dinner at home, we headed to the Peninsula's Salon de Ning to catch the show of Mishka Adams, a sultry British-Filipino singer who is visiting Manila from London for the ongoing jazz festival. She's one of the top billing acts at the festival, and last night she sang a repertoire of mostly French songs within the very intimate venue of Salon de Ning.

"There's something wrong with my voice these days," she apologized before the SRO crowd. "In fact, it's a bit better today than yesterday. Yesterday my voice was so low I sounded like a man."

So we listened to her first set with a lychee martini in hand. When my drink arrived, my friend Beliz said to me: "Aren't you on some juice detox?" I nodded. I'd been pretty good so far that evening but for some reason I was really in the mood for a lychee martini to accompany the music.

"Well, at least you got the lychee right," Beliz added. It had been a long day -- in fact, much longer than usual since we're at the countdown for Travelife Magazine's India Night at the Dusit Thani on Friday, and there are a thousand things to do...and because I'm so short on time, one of my Macs is set up in the car this week so that in traffic and on the way somewhere, I can put together the pretty elaborate seat plan for the 180 guests who include a phalanx of ambassadors and spouses, top government officials and senior corporate executives, plus lots of dear friends and our valued readers -- and all of us were visibly tired and just chilling out.

Interrupted momentum

I usually start my evenings at a cocktail party before heading to dinner or a second event, so I'm out of my house from morning or else dressed and ready for the evening by about 6 pm. This was one of the few times I actually went home first before going out again for the evening at 10 pm -- and all because of my current Juju juice detox plan. So until last night, I never realized what a challenge it is to be home at 9 pm with a comfy bed and the DVD player within view, and then to have to get dressed again for a late night out. The momentum of an entire day of activity is interrupted and has to be re-started again. I used to do this every weekend in college, but school was a pretty long time ago.

A thousand memories over a thousand texts

But these days, whenever there's a chance to be with my friends Jonathan and Beliz, I've been literally dropping everything and rearranging my life to spend more time with them. So sleeping early was not an option last night. They've just been posted to New York, you see, and we're now all so conscious of the fact that this is the home stretch to a big goodbye in less than a month, after over two years of weekly dinners and meeting up several times a week. This wasn't a text relationship (in reference to my previous blog entries from last week) but an honest-to-goodness interaction of a thousand memories rather than a thousand texts.

Since they broke the news a week ago, I've had a lump in my throat that I know is sadness bottled up. Of course, compared to many other people, we all live a great Travelife in the modern world, so the chances of meeting up again fairly soon and fairly often are pretty high in the scheme of things. And, we can always keep up via BBM and email. But, as I've written in this blog before, nothing compares to real people meeting up and sharing real experiences.



  1. Hey C! That's so sad--I didn't realize they were going to be off to NYC soon! Is it with the same company? We have to visit them there...

  2. I know! I've been really sad all week. It is with the same company and we have to visit them there. What a nice excuse that will be!

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