Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 3 of the Juju Juice Cleanse

Today is the third day of my 7-day Juju Juice Cleanse although I have to publicly admit that I haven't been very good. I've been drinking the juices religiously, and actually enjoying the variety. I also know they're doing their part to cleanse my system of toxins because I feel wonderfully light. However, I've had a bit of good stuff every now and then in the past two days, which is probably not ideal but not altogether bad as well. At the very least, the juices provide great nutrition even when they're not being used for a detox, I hope.

Same time, same juices

Everyday so far, the juices are the same six bottles on a fixed time schedule. After my initial encounter last week, I've grown used to the taste and actually really like it. Each juice has its own particular characteristic: one yellow juice called Salaba't Lemon is strong on ginger while another called Spicy Limonada reminds me of salty lemons; the green juice called Green Bomb is slightly alkaline so it has a kick, and the Red Giant red juice (which I'm assuming is full of beets) is tasty enough and I'm assuming it's incredibly good for me. Everything is pretty drinkable once you get used to the drill.

Out to dinner 360 nights of the year

Readers of this blog know that I'm probably dining out 350 to 360 out of 365 nights a year, and there's lots of lunches in between as well. So it's a pretty brave thing to be attempting a 7-day juice detox diet while maintaining a full work load because a full work load means a full evening schedule most of the time. In fact, I have a concert and a cocktail party every night this week, culminating with Travelife India Night at the Dusit Thani on February 25. But this cleansing ritual, started on a whim, was something I really felt I had to do for myself at this very point in time.

Day 1: Soft and easy

Day 1 on Saturday was pretty easy. It just meant drinking the juices on time and skipping lunch which was not a big deal as I was at the Travel Expo all day anyway. In the evening, I went to Art in the Park and had dinner with a friend afterwards. I very strongly, and successfully, resisted trying all sorts of food at Art in the Park, even when a wagyu shawarma was being devoured in front of me. At dinner I had a plate of bottarga pasta in front of me, but I basically picked at my food and had a tiny chocolate for dessert. So far so good, and on Sunday I woke up feeling I was 10 pounds lighter even if I'm sure this wasn't the case at all.

Day 2: Full of challenges and kare-kare

Day 2, Sunday, was harder. To complement my detox, I went to the Arogya Ayurvedic Center in Makatifor an ayurveda massage and ended this treatment feeling literally on top of the world. What a great feeling to have a complete detox! Unfortunately, as soon as I checked my phone after the treatment, there was a blinking message from my friend Beliz inviting to champagne brunch at the Peninsula Manila -- something not usually on the agenda of a person on detox. We were supposed to do something together that day but had not yet worked the schedules out. However, a leisurely Sunday brunch was exactly what I wanted -- ironically. So at 1 PM I met Beliz and her husband, and some other friends, for a four-hour brunch at Escolta. I began with champagne and my usual San Pelligrino, and then spent most of lunch eating salmon sashimi (the Peninsula has the best salmon sashimi at Escolta) and crushed ice. It wasn't hard at all to stick to salmon while everyone else was feasting on lamb and roast beef, and I was very happy that I did so.

Sunday dinner with cousins was a big challenge, though, as it involved a killer kare-kare with all the trimmings. Kare-kare is just about my favorite Philippine food so you can imagine how hard it is to say no to. But having come this far on a couple of juices had made me much stronger by then, and I stuck to about three tablespoons of rice and two pieces of meat. Interestingly, I'd lost all hunger for food by then as the juices were more than adequate. I was eating the kare-kare simply because I knew it was the best kare-kare in Manila, and not really because I was hungry.

Day 3: The biggest loser

Cleansing for me has happened on all levels this week. I feel that I've undergone a physical and emotional cleanse, which feels so good, and I'm sure the juices have had a lot to do with it. It's so much easier to think clearly and focus on finding out what's important to you, when your energies are not getting diverted to digesting stuff in your tummy.

So until this noon, I was in incredibly good form. Unfortunately I had lunch set today with a couple of wonderful ladies at the Last Chukker of the Polo Club. I'd drank my requisite bottle of juice on the way and was planning to order a soup while the ladies lunched. Unfortunately, the food at the Last Chukker is really good and my friends had ordered a feast even before I had arrived. There was nothing I could do but capitulate gracefully. Life is short, I remember saying to myself, as I tucked into a piece of roast chicken and a couple of slices of pizza. I even remembered to save space for the famous bread budding, which is really something worth breaking a juice fast for -- at least once in a while.

"You're terrible influences on me," I teased my friends, as they giggled away. I had a feeling they had enjoyed the challenge of making me temporarily break my juice fast. Of course, it wasn't that difficult either. I think I caved in long before the pizza had arrived. I even had second helpings of the bread pudding.

And tonight is another fun evening in our little town with a neverending party life. We're so excited to be watching an excellent jazz singer perform at the Salon de Ning. I had two invitations to dinner tonight, actually, and both so tempting to say yes to. But after my whopper of a lunch, I decided to meet my friends at 10 pm instead. And you know what I'll be having for dinner...

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