Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winners of Salon de Ning Rose Champagne

Last week, as part of our online X games, we posted this photo and asked our Facebook friends to post their wackiest answers with a bottle of incredibly delicious Salon de Ning Rose Champagne from the Peninsula Manila's Salon de Ning as a prize for the two wackiest answers.

This is what we posted on Facebook: More merry adventures with X. Guess where and when this was taken and win a gift certificate for a bottle of one of our favorite champagne at one of Manila's coolest hangouts. We've upped the stakes. One bottle of really good champagne worth PhP 4500 goes to two of the most creative/ hilarious responses. Guess away!

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We then requested Jonathan Crook, general manager of the Peninsula Manila, to choose the best answers. Everyone had such fantastic answers, and some even sent in responses by email and text. To everyone who participated in the fun, thank you very much from all of us at Travelife.


The champagne prize for the wackiest answers go to Daniel Jose Katigbak and Malu Francisco. Congratulations! Please call Rachel at the Travelife Magazine office at 813-8400/ 892-2620 for details on how to claim your bottles of Salon de Ning Rose Champagne.

"Salon de Ning at the Peninsula Hong Kong...
accidentally taken when someone sat on the camera."
- Daniel Jose Katigbak

Close up, reeeeeeally close up,
microscopic shot of the garter of a man's briefs."
-Malu Francisco


"X wearing a black shirt tied around by a rope
on New Year's Eve at Salon de Ning.
- Shawnaleh Brauner

"Being so privileged, X was given VIP tickets for a rock concert.
Dressed like a rock star, he blended superbly with the crowd
and armed with his ever reliable cam, he aimed to take the perfect shot.
Surprisingly he felt a wave hit him at a split second
and so he landed with a big thud on the floor!
Amazingly, he was able to take those pictures!
Lo and behold, he got a very nice close up shot
of the guitar strings of the lead guitarist!
What a masterpiece!
- Cel Peniero

"X tripped while holding a camera
and accidentally took a photo of a sidedeck
- Joyce Lovete Cabral

-Justine Timberlic

"These are the ropes used to tie up our baboys before they are
lechonized and devoured for our media noche.
- Bisai Salomon

"It's a boxing-ring. Maybe a Pacman fight?"
- Nigel Sutherland

"Before New Year's at midnight...
waiting for fireworks through the backyard sampayan
- Meyan Aclan Chaneco

"Its after the Travelife party at Rue Bourbon.
X got super drunk and found his way onto the Superferry to Cebu.
Then X woke up on the sidedeck
from the spray of sea water half way through the trip.
When X head got around to it and realized his troubles,
he took a picture via cellphone and sent it to head office
hoping you could find him by GPS!!"
- Shane Lawlor

"The ropes on the deck of a cruise ship."
- Paul Bate

"Looking through the window inside a jail cell.
Say, caught by the police for DUI during New Year's Eve,
waiting for the fireworks to start and light up the sky =)
- Lani Matugas

"Travelife office balcony at New Year's Eve
just before 12pm, while X was
waiting for the firework display to start."

- Shane Lawlor

We also asked people to guess
where they thought this photo was taken.

"Balducci at the Fort."
- Rosemarie Dimaranan

"Chateau Hestia, Tagaytay"
- Candy Dizon

"Boxing ring."
- Ning Buning

"The port for Corregidor near the CCP docking area,
taken around early morning 2am
- Catherine Choachuy

"Salon de Ning."
- Sandee Masigan

"Pier One."
- Resly George Amador

"I guess it's in the Fort."
- Benedict Baladad

"Cebu jail at night.
Watch out for those crazy zombie dancers."
- Gavin Lee

"Chicago freeway at midnight."
- Jojie Chua Atienza

"The deck of a cruise ship."
- Emma Jane Holder

To reserve a limited seat,
please call Rachel at 813-8400 or email
Tickets for the dinner and concert cost PhP 1499 per person.


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