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Make Freelance Writing a Career

To travel constantly and to be able write about one's trips is a dream many people have. And as the people behind Travelife Magazine, the Philippines' leading travel and lifestyle publication, we can confirm that it's a great career and a pretty fun life of nonstop mindblowing experiences. Just now, as we type this out, we're looking at our diary for the first half of 2011 and already we're getting palpitations. And not from excitement -- although, of course, we're super excited to be embarking on another round of adventures. The palpitations are from stress -- how do we fit all the travels in?

Amazing travels in first six months of 2011

We're supposed to go to Dubai and Cebu in February, Bora at the beginning of March, and Sri Lanka shortly afterwards to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites (and you can't imagine how excited we were, planning the itinerary for this visit!). Then in April, we're off to Malaysia and Japan; and in May, it's Turkey and Morocco. In June, we're taking a cruise from Lisbon, Portugal to Barcelona, Spain. And that's just the first six months of 2011!

Oh yes, and we're also supposed to put out a magazine, maintain a blog, produce a couple of events -- please join us for Travelife India Night at the Dusit Thani on February 25 -- and undertake a handful of tours, and shoot the episodes for Travelife's upcoming TV show. And, when we're actually in Manila, we can't resist joining friends and associates at events, parties, dinners and long nights at clubs like Salon de Ning and Opus. So you can imagine how fun and exciting everything is, but also just how stressful it is to try and fit 10 lives into just one.

Starting's always the problem

Anyway, that's for another blog entry. Back to writing -- a wonderful and timeless craft that is so loved by many. It's one of the most satisfactory experiences one can undertake; and when it's travel writing, it's a hundred times wonderful because you're encountering so many new stimuli, learning so many new things and you get to share your experience with readers as well. So, yes, writing for a living is lots of fun -- even when you're not writing for Travelife!

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The problem, for many people, is not the desire to write but the basics on how to start a writing career.

"Where do I start?"

“How can I get published?”

“How can I start freelancing as a writer?”

These are some of the questions people have regarding finding work or making a living as a writer. Fortunately, three very lively and nice ladies who actually have made a good living and a great life as freelance writers -- they actually travel as much as we do, would you believe -- have organized a two-day workshop precisely to answer questions like these and help you start out on your new career as a writer.

Workshop for aspiring writers

The “Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career” workshop is a two-day workshop that offers practical tips on how to get published, crafting stories, and writing them. It also aims to dispel the myths that surround freelance writing and help people start out with the proper mind frame needed to start a career as a writer.

Organized by Writer’s Block Philippines, this workshop is a must for anyone considering a career in writing -- and for anyone hoping to write for Travelife Magazine, of course!

Reasons for the workshop

Why did they even think of organizing such a workshop?

“At one point, we also asked ourselves those very questions and came across their answers largely through trial and error," recalls Ana Santos, one of the three ladies behind Writer's Block. "That’s why we started “Jumpstart." It was time to come out with something that would help make the process a bit faster for aspiring writers.”

Meanwhile, Nikka Sarthou, a full-time freelancer for the last five years, explains: “We all graduated with a Communications degree, but discovered that while school can teach you how to be a good writer, how to make money from writing is another story." She herself is the best evidence that freelance writing can be a lucrative and highly satisfactory career.

This is the second workshop under this theme so far. “Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career“ was launched last year and was warmly received by the writing community, prompting Writer’s Block Philippines to do another run. This time, the event will be held in partnership with Enderun Extension, which is Enderun Colleges’ resource for continuing education.

Nina Terol-Zialcita, a self-confessed political animal whose area of expertise is arts and culture and changemaking, adds: “The workshop also includes a portion on ethics in light of blogging and citizen journalism. To keep up with the latest communication trends and what it means in terms of writing opportunities, this latest version of the workshop will include on-line engagement and even a portion on journalism fellowships and grants.”

Partnering with Enderun Extension and Travelife

Enderun Extension (as well as we at Travelife Magazine, of course) was happy to partner with Writer's Block for such a worthwhile endeavor. “A writing workshop conducted by Writer’s Block Philippines will provide the perfect complement to our line-up of courses that cover sales and marketing and business management," said Daniel Perez, director of Enderun Extension. "Writing is an essential skill whatever your business and is perfectly in line with our objective of providing world-class culinary education that is holistic in its scope and world-class in standard.”

And just in case you're wondering if we'll be sharing any of our own Travelife secrets, the answer is yes. We'll be visiting the workshop sometime to give everyone a little pep talk!

“How to Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career 3.0” will be held on February 5 and 12 at the Enderun Extension College at 110 Campus Avenue McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Participation fee of Php 4,500 covers two-day course fee, CD hand-outs, workshop kit/goodie bag, and lunch with light snacks courtesy of Enderun. To reserve a slot, please call: Enderun Extension and ask for Monica or Flo/ Tel. 856-5000 local 505

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