Saturday, January 15, 2011

Istanbul all over again

Tonight we drove down the South Super to someone's beautiful house in Alabang, to join the grand reunion of the Travelife Magazine Amazing Turkey Tour Group 1. We had two groups to Turkey in November -- both equally fun and full of interesting and lively personalities. After our return to Manila, many people in both groups had been clamouring for a reunion but, of course, it's always quite difficult to get one organized around busy schedules.

It just so happened that Group 1 had Amy, a professional events organizer among the group, so with the help of several determined ladies in the group and the generous hospitality of Noreen Fong, Amy was able to organize a New Year's party for Travelife Magazine's Turkey Tour Group 1 -- complete with baklava for dessert and music from Istanbul's Reina on the sound system.

Our Travelife Turkey Groups were composed of people of various generations, occupations and inclinations; but luckily, everyone got along pretty well and had a fabulous time both in Turkey and at the reunion. Tonight we had a wonderful evening partaking of a delicious potluck dinner and then sitting around afterwards reminiscing about our trip, planning to join future ones -- some are considering Morocco, while others have their eyes set on our Spain food and wine tour in September -- and then comparing notes on purchases made and food tasted in Turkey.

Everyone agreed they'd put on pounds during the trip, and many said they really appreciated the taste of Turkish delight when they unwrapped their Turkish delight purchases in Manila and ate them there -- so much so that most wished they'd bought more in Istanbul.

When we looked at our watches, it was close to midnight. We'd spent a good four hours reminiscing about Turkey; and with everyone all together, it seemed we were back in Istanbul again, eating at Kosebasi Levent instead of in Alabang.

To reserve a limited seat for India Night,
please call Rachel at 813-8400 or email
Tickets for the dinner and concert cost PhP 1499 per person.


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