Friday, January 28, 2011

Dinner and music at Opus every weekend

Last Thursday night my friend B and I headed over to Opus, one of my current favorite restaurants, for a nice long dinner. Friends will know what a harrowing two weeks or so it has been due to some unfortunate personal circumstances, and Thursday night was my first proper meal in a very long time. I'd had a really good meal and a great time the last time I was in Opus (which was three weeks ago) -- in fact, we'd had so much fun that we all headed home past 5 AM -- and, boy, was I surprised to see about 300 people still on the dancefloor at Republiq at that time of the, morning. I remember looking out the car window on my way home and seeing the marathon runners already on the road in Bonifacio Global City.

Great dinner of short ribs and strawberry pavlova

Thursday night wasn't one of those marathon nights -- but it was a good night all the same.For once in these past fourteen or so days, I was actually in the mood for food, and I scanned the menu with relish and settled on the exact same meal I'd had weeks before that I liked so much: the shortribs done sous vide with lashings of mashed potatoes tinged with horseradish. For starters B and I had the potato soup, which was really excellent; and we ordered some red wine to go with dinner.

When we got to Opus, the place was barely full. But midway through dinner it started filling up so fast that when I next looked, there were no empty tables left. And a couple of tables down from us were some of Opus' 11 owners (all well-known names in the party and club scene...basically Manila's "masters of the nightlife") hosting a dinner with friends. We saw a lot of people we knew at the table so after B and I had had our long chat and catch-up session, and the strawberry pavlova to share, we joined Stephen Ku's table and basically had a second dinner.

Other Opus owners include visionary and ideas man Erik Cua, who looks so young and nice that when we first met him sometime back we all guessed he was fresh out of college; dynamic PR guy GP Reyes, master events planner Robbie Carmona, and top media personality Tim Yap. Erik Cua did Opus' simple but very chic Soho-New York interiors with its luxury Renaissance feel and very comfortable seating, by the way; and the other owners are also all doing their part to ensure Opus' success.

Second time around

"My god, you certainly can eat," B said, as another plate of short ribs was placed before me and I reached out for a fork and knife with relish. "You've got to remember -- I basically haven't eaten in ten days," I replied.

Opus Chef Carlos Miguel joined us as well, and I told him how much I loved his short ribs -- so much so that I was telling all my friends to order this when at Opus.

Stephen and his friends were trying out a couple of new cocktails as well. B and I'd already had tea and all, but we decided to join everyone else anyway and order one for the road. It was a really creative menu of interesting-sounding cocktails; and B ordered a cocktail with balsamic vinegar (which sounds strange but it actually worked) while I had something with mint that was extremely refreshing.

Something happening every weekend

The restaurant and its great food isn't the only reason to visit Opus either. A few steps away is Opus' cavernous bar and party place all done up in modern, white interiors. Every time I'm here, I'm always reminded that this scene could easily be one of a chic bar in an old warehouse in Soho. It has that kind of vibe. On Thursdays, Opus owners Jason Soong and Marco de Guzman host Viva, a Latin-themed night; while on Fridays, owners GP Reyes and Manolet Dario organize an evening called Uber Disko. On Saturday, Louie Ysmael (who is also an Opus owner) hosts a wonderful evening of dance music from past generations called Legendary. With so much happening over at Opus, well, you know where we'll be when we're not blogging or traveling...

Opus' Party Schedule

hosted by Ivan Zalameda

hosted by Marco de Guzman

hosted by GP Reyes & Manolet Dario

hosted by Louie Y

To reserve a limited seat,
please call Rachel at 813-8400 or email
Tickets for the dinner and concert cost PhP 1499 per person.


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