Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas in Tokyo

Japan is not a Christian country and in fact December 25 is a regular working day in Japan, but Christmas is just as highly anticipated as in the Philippines. The restaurants and shops are decorated so beautifully as well. Here are some photos I took during my trip to Tokyo last week. Hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I enjoyed taking these!

The Christmas tree at the Tokyo International Forum
was made entirely of teddybears.

A van all decked out in Christmas decor
sells cheese at an outdoor Christmas market,
similar to the ones seen in Austria and Germany.

Christmas dessert liqueur
always puts me in the holiday mood!

The Japanese version of Christmas decor --
a pair of Christmas mini-ikebana!

Japanese design is all about restraint.
So when stores are not following in the Western style,
they're decorated in a very subdued
and austere way -- so very Japanese!

This is just a handkerchief and necktie store
in Roppongi Hills.
But see how cleverly
they've created their Christmas display!

Here's a Western-style home decor store
in Roppongi Hills.

It had the most interesting things
for the dining table and living room

All kinds of beautifully-wrapped champagne
on sale at ESTNATION,

one of my favorite home stores in Roppongi Hills.

Traditional Japanese homeware
for Christmas and New Year's Day.

Christmas flower display at ESTNATION.
A study in simplicity and moderation.


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