Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Steak and wine at The Goose Station

Last Saturday we joined a group of good friends having dinner at The Goose Station, a casual-looking but not very inexpensive restaurant in the Fort, with a particular wine theme of 2nd growth Bordeaux. We'd had so much wine and good food over the last 24 hours, beginning with the amazing five-course dinner at the GK Hope Ball, so we weren't really planning to feast on too much of either.

However, when we arrived, Clifford had already opened the first of our three bottles of red and there was a nice champagne chilling in a bucket, and he and Melissa were pouring over the menu and planning to have a multi-course set menu. Then Maja and Rombit arrived, declaring they were raring to have the house specialty, The Goose Station's 24-hour steak -- so I decided to give in to my hunger instincts and join them for a beet salad and the steak.

"Why is it called 24 hour steak, again?" I asked everyone.

Clifford, the foodie, answered in great detail. The steak, which is actually short ribs, is slow-cooked in low heat for 24 hours, resulting in a juicy and incredibly tender steak.

My beet salad arrived on a large white plate, pretty as a picture and in fact almost to good to eat. Not that there was much of it, either. At first glance, it seemed to be a few beets here and there with some greens and a few fruit slices thrown in for effect. The taste, however, was delicious. I especially loved the little beet rolls with cheese in them, which made for a very nice sweet and sour taste. I wished I had more of it on my plate as I was positively hungry.

Of course, much of the conversation that night centered on the GK Hope Ball.

"Who won the Benz?" Everyone wanted to know. This was a question I heard all week, actually. I got dozens of skype and text messages about it after the ball.

A beautiful 2010 model Mercedes-Benz, gift-wrapped and waiting in the driveway of the Peninsula Manila, was among the top attractions that evening, along with a Silversea cruise, two places on the Travelife Magazine/ Turkish Airlines tour of Turkey, suite stays at the Peninsula hotels in China and beautiful paintings by National Artists Federico Alcuaz and Arturo Luz.

I didn't know the guy personally, but I recall that the bidding for this grand prize certainly was especially fun. The ballroom came alive with shouts from all over the room, coupled with a furious raising of bid paddles, a lot of laughter and amusement, and a thunderous applause for the winner, who came up on stage to receive his symbolic key from the heads of CATS Motors.

It was nice to get together again after a long time. We six don't get together as often as we like, although we do occassionally manage to find a common time to go out for a good dinner, always involving wine.


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