Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Everyone's dream: to foodtrip for a living

Writers' Block Philippines, a group designed to bind and inspire the writing community, is once again organizing a very interesting activity for potential writers, and we at Travelife Magazine are very happy to support it. Travel and food go together, after all!

Niña Terol-Zialcita, one of the group's founders and a lifestyle journalist, agrees. “Food is a common denominator among those who enjoy culture, travelling, and adventure.”

Eat, Write, Love

The food writing workshop, entitled, “Eat, Write, Love,” will be held on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant in Quezon City. Like their other trademark experiential workshops, “Eat, Write, Love” will combine the gastronomic experience of eating and the equally satisfying activity of writing about it. Adarna Executive Chef Giney Villar will also talk about the history behind her food creations for Adarna, while popular food writer Lori Baltazar of DessertComesFirst.com will talk about building a career from food writing.

Incidentally, Niña, Ana Santos, and Nikka Sarthou, the three ladies behind Writer's Block Philippines, have also contributed a great article on travel survival tips in the latest issue of Travelife Magazine (October-November 2011). The issue is on sale now, so read about their adventures and advice in our magazine.

Can you
really make money from freelance writing?

These ladies are often asked: “Can you really make money from freelance writing?”

“We put up Writer’s Block Philippines as a way to share our insights on making freelance writing both a fulfilling and lucrative career," said Ana, a sexual health activitie and foreign correspondent. "Every workshop that we offer is developed with this in mind.”

“Like any other business, you cannot depend on writing only for one media like say, magazines," added Nikka, who writes mainly about travel and leisure. "It is important to diversify and multiply your income streams so that you will have a steady income from writing.”

A passion and an income combined

"Food writing is a great way to combine one’s passions and develop a steady income source," said Niña. "Ask our bloggers and food writers out there who are examples of combining passion and business sense; they’ll tell you that food writing can be lucrative.

Eat, Write, Love” is not just for professional writers or food bloggers, but also for culinary students and just about anyone who might enjoy an afternoon of good food, history, and conversation from the eating and writing experts—all the ingredients needed to starting a lucrative food writing career.

For inquiries and reservations to "Eat, Write, Love”,
log on to
or text/call (0927) 850 8280.


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  1. hello, I got read your letter too late, but I am hoping you will have another session of Eat, Write, Love in another venue. I can help to organize aand of course I am interested to join as well. Thanks.