Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taiwan's Flower Expo : must-see for flower lovers

This November, Taiwan is hosting the International Flora Exposition (IFE), a major event for flower lovers all over the world. Since the first exposition in 1960 in Rotterdam, the IFE has traveled and been hosted all over the world, including by six Asian cities: Osaka, Japan (1990), Kunming, China (1999), Awaji, Japan (2000), Hamamatsu, Japan (2004), Shenyang, China (2006) and Chiang Mai, Thailand (2006). Taipei will be the seventh Asian city to host the IFE.

All the IFEs in various parts of the world have been very beautiful and enjoyable to visit -- especially if you are a flower lover. I've been to the ones in Japan (Osaka, Awaji and Hamamatsu) and they have indeed been very colorful events. If you love flowers, you must plan on visiting this exposition in Taipei -- Taipei is less than two hours away from Manila, and the exposition is right in the city center along the river banks, so it's very convenient for a visit. Taipei's great food and the relatively relaxed and charming atmosphere of this old-fashioned city are also extra pluses!

There will be four main expo areas and 14 theme halls and pavilions. Some of the most interesting pavilions, as far as I can see, are the Pavilion of New Fashion, which is being made out of over 1 million recycled PET bottles that makes it look like a beautiful crystal palace; the Pavilion of Culture, which will have a canopy roof made out of traditional Chinese paper cuttings, and the pavilion of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, which will showcase works of Impressionist painters featuring flowers.

2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition
November 6, 2010 - April 25, 2011

For more infomation, visit

That's the wall of the pavilion made out of
1 million recycled PET bottles

And this is a sample of the PET bottles they used

This is how the pavilion made out of
1 million recycled PET bottles will look like later

Workers putting the finishing touches at main entrance of
Taiwan's International Flora Exposition --
a must-visit for flower lovers

Workers on-site getting last-minute instructions
-- the IFE is only a few weeks away!


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