Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rare Alcuaz paintings on exhibit and sale for GK

On September 8, the Gawad Kalinga Hope Ball Committee headed by Beliz Balkir-Crook and myself, with Tony Meloto as honorary chairman and Eena Meloto as executive director, formally launches the month-long fundraising efforts for the very first GK Hope Ball to be held at the Peninsula Manila on October 8.

The kick-off fundraiser event will be an art exhibition from September 9. This exhibition-sale next week is already being eagerly anticipated by art collectors and art lovers. The Peninsula Manila, Rustan's Corporation and Travelife Magazine, in cooperation with Galleria Duemila, Crown Fine Arts and Weber Shandwyck, are putting up a week-long major exhibition-sale of of over 20 rare artworks each by National Artist Federico Aguilar Alcuaz and noted painter Betsy Westendorp, for the benefit of the Gawad Kalinga (GK). This art exhibit launches the fundraising efforts of the GK Hope Ball, which culminates in a black-tie gala dinner and luxury auction on
October 8.

Tickets to the GK Hope Ball on October 8
are priced at 5000 pesos per person
and most are already sold out.
If you would like to purchase a ticket and attend this gala,
please contact Cat Turingan of GK at 0915-880-8810

This GK Hope Ball pre-event art exhibition will open with an invitation-only cocktail party that will give serious art collectors the chance to preview and purchase these masterpieces for a noble cause. The exhibit opening is being sponsored by the Peninsula Manila and Premiere Wines.

Art collectors are cordially invited
to grace the opening cocktails and preview.
If you are a serious art collector who wishes to attend,
please email with your contact details.

Alcuaz is perhaps the Philippines' most celebrated modernist painter today and his artworks are sought after by collectors with a passion -- so much so that a cottage industry has sprung up dedicated to copying his masterpieces. Therefore the provenance of Alcuaz paintings purchased from third parties is always an issue for worry. However, for this GK Artists of Hope exhibition, such worries can be put to rest as the Alcuaz paintings for sale come straight from the family collection, and have been personally selected by Alcuaz's son, Christian Aguilar, himself. This is perhaps the only major opportunity in recent memory for art collectors to purchase an Alcuaz painting without having to consider the reliability of the source or its provenance. Many of the paintings come from the 1970s, with a few from the 1960s and 1980s.

Meanwhile, the talented and very gracious Spanish painter Besty Westendorp is also highly-collected by museums and private individuals in Europe and the Philippines. She has chosen the paintings for the exhibit herself. Betsy Westendorp and Christian Aguilar, together with Silvana Diaz of Galleria Duemila, have been very active and generous of their time and efforts, for the GK Hope Ball fundraising efforts.

Art lovers and collectors are invited to view this wonderful exhibit. And serious art collectors are encouraged to attend the opening. If you are looking for an Alcuaz or a Westendorp for your collection, this is a unique opportunity to acquire a masterpiece of impeccable provenance and -- at the same time -- donate to a good cause.

About Alcuaz

National Artist Federico Aguilar Alcuaz was born in Manila at the height of 20th century modernism (1932). As a compromise to his father, he obtained a Diploma in Law at the Ateneo de Manila University. During this time, he also cross-registered at the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts where he studied under Fernando Amorsolo and Guillermo Tolentino. It was through Fernando Zobel (the precursor to Filipino modernist art) that Alcuaz was recommended for the fellowship grant to the Academia de San Fernando in Madrid (1955). This was the beginning of his explosive creative synergy influenced by the post-impressionist styles in the search for a greater degree of formal order and structure of atmospheric perspective, a simultaneous contrast of colors, nonrepresentational abstraction, and a well-defined Catalan characteristic in his self-proclaimed ornamental style (a distinguishing Art Noveau quality) started to formulate.

Alcuaz’s work is also characterized by its unapologetic brashness in combining figuration and abstraction. As curator Rod Paras-Perez says, “Gestural brushwork and geometric definition, complementary hues, figuration, and abstraction – are dualities Alcuaz had to contend. And perhaps as an Asian, Alcuaz resolved the dichotomies with a yin-yang embracing totality.” Further more, Perez states that Alcuaz believed in the Japanese concept of Shibui, “the sense of delightful surprise when a bright accent emerges after a dull passage." Alcuaz’s beautiful highly abstract tapestries are no exception. His tapestry work, inspired by the Czechoslovakian tradition is purely ornamental yet deeply gestural and abstract.

More paintings by Alcuaz on sale

Green Still Life with Yellow (1979)

Cityscape in Red (1962)

Manila Bay (1981)

Non-objective in Blue (1970)

Manila Bay on a Clear Day (1978)


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