Monday, June 21, 2010

How to Write for Travelife Magazine

For the recent Writers Block travel writing workshop, conducted with Carlos Celdran last June 19, we were asked some questions about travel writing and we thought we'd share our answers with Travelife Magazine friends interested in becoming travel writers.

What do editors look for in a travel piece?
First, we at Travelife Magazine look for real and authentic experiences by people who are passionate about travel, whether they travel frequently or not. Second, we look for good writing that is a result of the following: an eye for details, a keen sense of observation, an understanding of culture, the gift of wit, and the ability to record an experience in a logical but entertaining manner. Ideally, it would be great to have both; but most of the time, this only happens in a perfect world. So we're happy with the first criteria and we keep our fingers crossed that we'll also get the second criteria. You can always edit and improve a travel piece, but you can't make up a great travel experience unless you're planning to come up with fiction.

What makes Travelife pieces distinctive from your usual travel article?
Travelife Magazine only accepts real and authentic travel experiences by people who are truly passionate about travel -- and then, before publishing these, we edit them to fit a concise and readable format that at the same time preserves the writer's identity and personal style. I don't think any other travel magazine edits their articles under such stringent standards. We also don't accept pieces from contributors who've availed of free travel in return for writing an article.

What places and angles are you looking for - specifically for your magazine?
We're looking for fresh perspectives on familiar places or truly interesting articles on unusual destinations. We like accounts of experiences that will make readers want to put down the magazine and phone the travel agent. Travelife Magazine doesn't publish ordinary travelogues.

Do you have a travel story or proposal you'd like to send us?
We seriously consider all submissions.
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  1. Hi. How much do you pay per submission?

  2. Hi! Also inquiring on the payment per article. I'm interested in travel writing. I hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Hello! This is a question for our editorial department. Please email them at and they'll respond directly to you. Thanks for inquiring and best regards.