Friday, March 26, 2010

Travelife Magazine's Two Editors at Large, Part 1

Travelife’s two Editors at Large couldn’t be more different—which is fine because, while destinations may be the same, perspectives and experiences never are. One man’s outdoor adventure could very well be another’s boot camp. Whatever. We’re just tickled by the clever counterpoint of it all.
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Gabby Malvar, Domestic Editor at Large

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Global Editor at Large

The refined and urbane designer Rafe Totengco now tries his hand at crafting something decidedly different from his internationally renowned bags and shoes, that have found their way into fashionable closets in neighborhoods as diverse as Park Avenue, Forbes Park and Hollywood. The creations of Rafe New York, of which he is President and Creative Director, combine functionality and purpose with style and creativity, a character that is reflected in his column.

You obviously travel well and in style. Has ‘roughing it’ ever been an option as a mode of traveling?
The last time I roughed it was 20 years ago. Before I left for New York in 1989, I went to Boracay via Aklan on a non air-conditioned bus and a small rickety banca. Despite the tortuous journey I’m glad I persevered because I will always have the memory of an unadulterated Bora and it was paradise!

What would you consider your primary survival tool when traveling?
Hands down, my iPhone! Thank God for the Google Map, Currency Converter and Yelp applications.

Which do you prefer: Concrete Jungle? Or jungle, jungle?
Well, both are just as dangerous but I would have to say that I would prefer to be in the real jungle because what you see is
what you get. In the concrete version, the animals hide behind designer suits!

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?
Last year in Kyoto, a friend took me to a fabulous restaurant in the heart of the Gijon district for a Kaiseki Ryori dinner. Every bite was so heavenly, I wanted seconds! Our server was so graceful and elegant; we were entranced the entire evening. Our bouches were definitely amused!

Travel destination you’d return to in a heartbeat, and why?
I love Bali. You have the mountains, the rivers and the beaches all within driving distance from each other. The people are so
warm and open, the food is delicious and the accommodations are superb. Fortunately so many words in Bahasa are the same in Filipino so I can bargain like a local! The best part is the whole island is so photogenic; I have yet to take a bad photo there.

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Click here to read about the rest of the Travelife Editorial Team:
Christine Cunanan, Publisher & Editor in Chief
Dexter de Vera, Creative Director
Jon Vicente, Managing Editor
Gabby Malvar, Domestic Editor at Large


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