Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend in Boracay at the new Henann Prime Beach Resort in Station 1

Weekend in Boracay at the new Henann Prime Beach Resort in Station 1
This post, written by Patricia Cendana of the Travelife editorial team, is about a weekend in Boracay at the new Henann Prime Beach Resort in Station 1. 

Boracay Henann Prime Beach Resort only had its soft opening last November, but it has already garnered the attention of travelers to Boracay, locals and foreigners alike.

Weekend in Boracay at the new Henann Prime Beach Resort in Station 1
Given that numerous Henann resorts are found throughout Station 2 of Boracay, the Henann Group of Resorts is proud to present the newly launched Henann Prime Beach Resort as the first in the brand to have a beachfront found in Station 1, where the atmosphere is more relaxing and quiet.


Weekend in Boracay at the new Henann Prime Beach Resort in Station 1
The Boracay Henann Prime Beach Resort itself maintains an elegantly minimalist and relaxing coastal design, from the rooms to the Sea Salt restaurant. The Sea Salt restaurant al fresco all-day dining restaurant in Boracay offers sumptuous and Instagram-worthy dishes.

Try the Panay Island Pizza with its fresh shrimp toppings, or the Uni Spaghetti that has a creamy twist to its seafood flavours.

For dessert, take a bite out of the generous slice of the Matcha Cheesecake.


Weekend in Boracay at the new Henann Prime Beach Resort in Station 1
As of now, 104 of the 144 rooms of Henann Prime Beach Resort are ready to receive guests.

The Beach Wing of the Boracay Henann Prime Beach Resort is aptly named as the rooms located in wing are near the beachfront of the property. The East Wing of the Boracay Henann Prime Beach Resort, on the other hand, is located by the main road, making it convenient to take a tricycle or hotel shuttle going to Station 2 or 3.


Regular guests of the Henann Group of Resorts can expect its signature room with direct access to the pool from the Henann Prime Beach Resort as well, making it a luxurious convenience for guests.

Guests can also take a dip into the two swimming pools of Henann Prime Beach Resort. The remaining 40 rooms, along with the fitness gym and the third swimming pool, are expected to open by October 2017.

The team, living a #Travelife as always, definitely enjoyed their weekend stay at the lovely Henann Prime Beach Resort and look forward to its grand opening.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Chocolate festival at the W Singapore

The Chocolate Festival at W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove is offering a buffet spread called Choco Loco, the kitchen table's first 'chocolate' buffet. The chocolate buffet will be held from April 17 to 27.

Chocolate is familiar to many as an ingredient for rich, decadent desserts. But it also lends its silkiness and complexity to a variety of savoury concoctions. The team at the kitchen table employs the use of the finest chocolates available along with unique cooking techniques.

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And the best part is that you can enjoy views of the marina from the W Singapore - Sentosa Cove while savouring imaginative creations like:

Spinach Pear Salad with Chocolate Vinaigrette
White Chocolate and Ginger Chicken
Catalan Beef Stew with Rioja
Cinnamon and Chocolate 
Dark Chocolate and Lemongrass-crusted Sea Bass 
with Spiced Chocolate Oil

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove is also offering a range of 20 different chocolate desserts including Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate Pana Cotta and White Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding.

Of Flavours & Spices in the new issue of Travelife Magazine

Living a #Travelife in Tel Aviv, Israel

This cover story in this new issue of Travelife Magazine was shot in Tel Aviv, Israel’s most modern city and an interesting fusion of cultures and inspirations that has remained relatively under-the-radar because of the prominence of Jerusalem, just an hour away, in world history, religion and politics.


Michelle Barrera 
Cover model

Tracey Heppner

Special thanks to 
Israeli Ambassador Effie Matityau and the Embassy of Israel
Mano Alemi and Asia Travel & Tours
Turkish Airlines


Cover girl and columnist Michelle Barrera, ace photographer Tracey Heppner and I had a grand time discovering the ins and outs of Tel Aviv by the sea, and I hope our enthusiasm for our great finds and life-changing experiences comes across clearly in our photos and stories.

Read about the best new places to visit in Tel Aviv, as well as a very special dinner followed by a poignant show in ancient Jaffa port that had us in tears.

Michelle Barrera was the ultimate multi-tasker on this trip as she posed for the cover and our fashion pages, and also wrote the cover story on Tel Aviv -- a city that she says touched her soul.


Meanwhile, in her regular column Wanderlust, she literally traipses across the globe to southern Japan, and in this issue she writes a story on her adventures in Kyushu.

Columnist Dondi Joseph also continues with the second part of his sailing trip to Svaalbard in Norway, which is practically the end of the world. His captivating tale, begun in our previous issue, has seriously made me consider undertaking an adventure cruise of my own.


Speaking of adventures, South African Ambassador Martin Slabber discusses the best things to do and see in South Africa, and most of these have to do with the great outdoors. South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, in my opinion, and the spectacular range of its natural attractions ensures that visitors will want to keep on returning.

I’ve been to South Africa five times, and I’m certainly spoiling for an excuse and company for a sixth trip.


Meanwhile Managing Editor Ceia Ylagan, an avid Japanophile, gives readers some excellent reasons to visit Osaka this July and August for the colorful summer festivals and rituals of Japan.

Osaka is already one of Japan’s top destinations, and the Japanese summer is an especially enjoyable time to visit because there’s something happening in every district practically every weekend.


On the other hand, Travelife General Manager Angelica Bayona headed for Europe last autumn to test-drive a tour of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Estonia that takes in the top attractions of these three cities in one week.

It is possible to see almost everything and still get adequate shopping time via a well-planned package tour, she concluded, and she even got an afternoon of shopping in Finland included in her itinerary as well.

Park Hyatt Moscow

I was also recently in Moscow, an enigmatic city that I have come to love. It’s mysterious, enchanting, somber and lively all at the same time, so it’s never boring.

And my story on my first foray into a Russian steambath and a stay at one of Moscow's top hotels last autumn appears within these pages.


Finally, we have a feature on the world’s best day trips, selected for you so that you’ll know where to go in this wonderful world. You’ll find so many ideas for trips this 2017 within this issue. Enjoy reading and planning for your next #Travelife.